LISTEN: Ted Tyro Delivers Bouncing Bass Power Pop On “How Can”

Ted Tyro is a Louisville, Kentucky band formed around the tape machine recordings of Bart Swift.
The band (featuring members of Wombo and Murals) plays bouncing, bass-led pop-rock reminiscent of Talking Heads, Deerhunter, and Omni.

Dive into the guided panic attack that is “How Can” (below), the latest winding single from analog garage rockers Ted Tyro. The unassuming, lackadaisical slide guitar opening creates a vibe capable of holding up a 3-minute indie rock outing all on its own but instead smoothly morphs into a proggy, post-punk peculiarity that really sets this showing from the Louisville group apart. 

 “How Can” is set at late night/early morning when you can’t get to sleep. You try to relax, but your mind is flooded with not just memories, but also anxieties and regrets. As you lay there agonizing about some future worry or analyzing a past mistake, the bells toll, and another hour of rest is lost.

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