LISTEN: Findlay Bring On Fuzzed Out Hooks On Intriguing “Ride”

If there was ever a great time to use the term “power pop”, it would be for describing the new single “Ride”, from Manchester England’s Findlay. From beginning to end, infectious fuzzed-out hooks and instantly catchy vocals are deployed in a nonstop torrent of groove. Throw in some quirky synth sounds and a well-placed breather of a bridge and you’ve got pop with intrigue. “Ride” is the latest of a string of singles of the full-length album The Last of the 20th Century Girls, due out May 13. 

“I wrote this song coming out of the last lockdown, there was one incredibly sunny day that inspired me, everyone was back out in the parks, drinking beer, being together again, there was a feeling of hope and joy, people could be closer than six feet apart and everyone had a lot of stored up love to share. I hadn’t seen my friends in California for years and it was a pretty spontaneous decision to pack a bag, throw in my camcorder and leave for Los Angeles, then we rode around California for a week, exploring the deserts and the beaches and drinking margaritas until we couldn’t walk”. 

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