SONG PREMIERE: Secret Emchy Society Drops Colorful Honky Tonk Swooner “I Wish I Was In Texas With You”

Secret Emchy Society always has a way of turning expectations upside down with its middle finger throwing blend of Country that not only waves a rainbow flag in the face of naysayers, yet possesses a relentless evocative twang that begs to be Orville Peck’s next tour opener.

As the First Lady of Queer Country, Cindy Emch the voice behind Secret Emcy Society is known for her distinct voice and ability to blend Americana, California Country, Hellbilly, Goth, and Honky Tonk, spinning radically distinctive tales from her singular perspective. This trailblazing artist is a true American bad-ass, yet can sing with a charismatic tenderness reserved for Grand Ol Opry members.

Glide is premiering the septia-toned title track “I Wish I Was In Texas With You,” which was written by two other popular musicians in the Queer Country genre, Paisley Fields, and trans artists Mya Byrne. Here’s what Cindy had to say about it:

“I was right in the midst of song selection when Mya Byrne and Paisley Fields approached me about recording this new song they had written. Mya said, “As soon as we wrote ‘Waltzing with Waylon’ (from her last album), I knew you had to have the first crack at it.” Because truly – anyone who’s ever traveled with me to shows knows -you’re going to hear a lot of Waylon Jennings, and once we’re drinking at the show -I’m going to make you dance with me.”

“While I wasn’t the person IN Texas, I do have a penchant for listening to a lot of Waylon Jennings and charming folks into waltzing with me at shows. According to them, as soon as they wrote the line ‘Waltzing to Waylon,’ both Mya and Paisley thought that I would be the perfect person to sing this one. Plus I was only a few weeks before recording the new record – so the timing couldn’t have been better,” adds Emch.

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