LISTEN: Bindy Bridges Post-Punk Instrumentals With Whimsical Wordplay On “Poison Envy”

Photo by Tyler Frigge

Marrying post-punk instrumentals with delicate harmonies, Bindy’s sound accesses a wide and colorful range of emotions. Their live set is punchy and raw, though they can swiftly reel it in to convey a tender moment. At 14, founding member and front-woman Francesca (Bindy) Craft started recording songs in her bedroom to satirize unwelcome life events— meanwhile, her parents’ nomadic stints around the city taught her how to make use of the creative tools on hand. In 2019, Francesca teamed up with producer Oliver Ignatius to knock out the first Bindy EP, Really Something. Soon after its release, Playshoes guitarist Gabriel Paiano and drummer Harry Smith joined to complete the line-up. Bassist Johnny Colapinto joined the group in the summer of 2021.

“Poison Envy”, the Mean Girls on acid new single from Bindy, is a capricious take on one of what is arguably the biggest plagues on modern society. Longing for whatever it is that someone else has got and self-righteously judging the judgmental while failing to see your own strengths and flaws are themes as ubiquitous to modern life as mac is to cheese. The winding melody, wandering bass, and driving piano on “Poison Envy”, at least make it all a bit more interesting to take in. 

“This pretty girl looked me up and down as we walked past each other on 2nd avenue. The stink was so intense it was like something out of Mean Girls and I knew she thought I looked good. A block or two later I started humming this tune, thinking about how the grass is always greener. I think jealous feelings can grow like ivy and I love double entendres, so that’s where Poison Envy comes from,” says Bindy.

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