SONG PREMIERE: ELPENTHE Brings Rising Anthem Of Hope & Strength On Hypnotic “Already Know”

A shimmering new single featuring popstar Devan, “Already Know” is a stunning and infectious debut single from songwriter and acclaimed producer ELPENTHE. Known for his vast production work, ELPENTHE is here to share the first of his solo songs and announce his EP, Elpenthe I. Derived from the ancient Greek nepenthe, a potion used by the gods to chase away sorrow, the hypnotic synths and propulsive beats of Elpenthe I sets out to do just that.

Centered around the idea of finding power and freedom after hitting rock bottom, the single “Already Know” is a rising anthem that is instilled with hope and strength. “There’s an invincibility that comes with being aware of your limitations,” says Glover, “and realizing that you’re your own worst enemy.” She sent her vocals to be layered over ELPENTHE’s track, creating a powerful pop track that is sure to inspire.

ELPENTHE, a known environmentalist with a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, is known for spearheading environmental campaigns and going on a solar-powered bike tour. His music and approach is informed and inspired by his love of nature and community, creating a holistic sound that draws upon a myriad of sounds. Perfectly in time for Earth Day, “Already Know” is a fantastic debut that leaves us wanting to hear more from the producer/songwriter. Elpenthe I continues the themes of “Already Know,” following ELPENTHE’s knack for creating immersive electronic songs that feel vulnerable yet powerful.

Keep an eye out for more from ELPENTHE, and stream the premiere of “Already Know” via Glide below.

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