FULL ALBUM PREMIERE: Kate Clover Delivers Biting and Ferocious Old School Punk Flavors on ‘Bleed Your Heart Out’ LP

Today, LA-based rocker Kate Clover shares her debut LP, Bleed Your Heart Out exclusively with Glide.  The record, produced by her boyfriend Brandon Welchez (of Crocodiles) and featuring members of Davila666, channels classic riot grrrl, post-punk, and even jangle-pop. Clover rocks out with a splash of punk’s raw noir and a blackened howl of garage rock reminiscent of Yeah Yeah Yeahs jamming with X. Clover kills with a ferocious urgency, growling guitar chords, and an all-around compulsive flair for garage and punk traditions past and present. Check out the full-length below…

Touching on her debut LP, Kate wrote:

“Bleed Your Heart Out is inspired by the glitz and grime of classic LA punk. Bands Such as X, The Gun Club and The Germs, spiked with a power-pop punch of the Buzzcocks. Lyrically inspired by Nick Cave and X’s transgressive and poetic approach to songwriting and the wit and musical cadence of Hunter S. Thompson. Thematically, it explores the intricacies of government conspiracies, self-discovery, love, hate and self-preservation. It’s a rallying shout to would be believers.”

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