LISTEN: On “Calling Out,” Grocer Roll Out Art Punk Polyrhythmic Radiance

Photo by EmilyBurtner

Grocer is a multi-vocal guitar band from South Philly. Driven as much by art punk as they are by Britpop, they’re the type of band that demands context and attention. Featuring three distinct vocalists/lyricists, Grocer is a band that grooves, but never quite settles; a group that loves a good melody, yet remains moments away from chaos. 

Frequently, the songs find Grocer attempting to escape the turmoil of the outside world by turning inward, only to find struggles existing just as intensely within themselves: scattered throughout are allusions to technology dependencies, social complacencies, and overall realizations that they may not be the angels they presumed they were. Recorded quickly in hopes of mirroring the unhinged nature of Grocer’s live performances, Numbers Game is a cathartic, immersive dive into a band that refuses to stop searching.

Start rehearsing your excuses and dialing your boss’s phone because after diving into the new single “Calling Out” from Grocer, it will be hard to make heads or tales of much of anything, let alone going to work. The intro, a slow polyrhythmic meld that is harmless enough on its own but becomes downright creepy when paired with the video, sets the stage for an arsenal of rhythmic twists and dissonant guitar intervals that somehow come together in the end for something exciting, unnerving, and plain old fun. The band’s full length sophomore album, Numbers Game, is out May 6. 

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