Why Should You Pay For Music?

The topic of paying for music for the majority of people, luckily, might be a bit overdue. These days, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the records are not and should not be for free. The awareness of this subject is growing, but it’s still worth reminding about it to those last hesitant music lovers. Maybe some of the reasons that you will find here will turn out to be surprising and new even for you?

Why do people avoid paying?

Decades ago, when the Internet did not exist, and even in its early years, there were no possibilities to download something illegally. If you wanted a record, you needed to buy it. The obvious turning point was the development of the international web – the Internet. It could have gone the other way, people could keep paying for music, but as they would have better access to it, that would only lead to the musicians’ growing success. However, at least at the beginning, it developed in the other direction. Illegal downloading was, and still is, a great problem. Why do people avoid paying?

In most cases, it is the issue of money, or rather, the lack of it. It’s a difficulty, especially among young people. Once they learn that they can have the access to music for free, the problem grows. The worst part is that these people do not have bad intentions, and quite often, they do not realize that it’s an illegal practice, simply theft. They wouldn’t steal a CD record from the store, so why do they steal it online? Illegal downloading is stealing. Is it because it’s not in a physical form? Whatever the reason, the fact is that people don’t like to pay for music, and here are the reasons why they should.

Why pay for music?

There are a few main reasons why paying for music is not a voluntary option but a necessity. First and foremost, every record is someone’s work. A songwriter, singer, musicians, producers, all put a lot of effort into creating a song. If they want to do it well, they need to devote their time to that. Making music is work like any other, and it’s only fair to pay musicians for the products of their work. Most of them have families to feed and certainly the bills to pay. They simply deserve to get paid.

Another thing is that musicians, especially the young and the beginners, need to cover the costs of recording demos themselves. This means that they pay to make music, they put it out into the world, and people listen to it by stealing. How does anyone expect a musician to invest more and more money with no returned funds? It’s a way straight to bankruptcy. The song demo cost is quite high. 

The issue of earning money seems a little irrelevant in the case of big companies, and record labels – at least many people think that. However, the problem of illegal downloading is widespread, and thousands (if not millions) of people do this every month. One illegal downloading might not have a great impact on a record label, but thousands of downloads will. The musicians are the ones who suffer most.

It’s worth paying money, even for slightly selfish reasons. When you buy music on official websites, you receive the best quality possible. The records found on illegal websites are quite often of poor quality, so when you make a purchase, you pay for your own delight.

To sum up

Paying for music should be obvious, but until it’s not, people need to get remained that they really ought to buy and not download illegally. These are not large sums, but small payments for the records, singles, albums. To support your favorite musicians, you can save money to be spent specifically on music or find a different source of income to earn for music. You can sell old records or play in an online casino, where you can win with only a small contribution – online casino bonuses from comparison sites like Casinos.co.za will allow you to safely win additional money by using claimed bonuses from the site to play. The site recommends casinos that provide the best bonuses available that players can take advantage of, which you can then spend on music. There are so many different promos to choose from, it’s well worth it. If you play your favorite music while playing, you’ll probably get lucky, or at the very least it’ll help you feel more confident.

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