LISTEN: Making Movies Drops Cumbia Steeped Dynamo On “Sala De Los Pecadores”

Photo by Felipe Rubilar

Formed by Panamanian brothers Enrique and Diego Chi, on electric guitar and bass respectively, Making Movies are joined by Mexican-American percussionist and keyboardist Juan-Carlos Chaurand, and drummer Duncan Burnett. The foursome showcases their Latin American roots by incorporating traditional instruments like the Panamanian mejorana, and swapping drums and percussion for a dueling zapateado huasteco.

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned…”, said the English playwright William Congreve in 1697’s Mourning Bride. Three hundred and twenty-five years later “Sala De Los Pecadores”, the latest single from Making Movies, forcefully concurs with that sentiment via a cumbia steeped dynamo. Fuzzy, stark guitar riffs and a blistering percussion section drive the verses, leaving the bass and soaring vocals to hit hard on the richly layered choruses. The video is a Tarantino meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas misadventure that perfectly compliments the “off the rails” feeling one gets after losing a love they were by no means ready to let go of yet. 

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