LISTEN: Blindmouth’s “Seaman” Makes Like Micro EP With Vast Musical Components

Self-described as “A group of mates who share a love of playing music together, everything else is a bonus”, Blindmouth is a four piece alternative indie band from Mullumbimby Australia.  They have been playing together for six years and during that time have carved out a niche in the Brisbane and Byron bay music scenes.

“Seaman”, the latest single from Blindmouth, is like a micro EP of sorts. While it starts on a seemingly light note featuring John Williams-esque instrumental motifs, the latently dark underbelly slowly starts to emerge as the song creeps into heavier, more brooding territory. What starts as a catchy, almost indie-folk tune morphs into a sludgy psychedelic freak-out and then leaves you, quite satisfyingly, without a happy ending. The seamless nature of the transitions reveals a band able to write tactful compositions while maintaining the looseness best captured by a group comfortable in its own skin. 

“Seaman was first written with an acoustic guitar a few years ago when I was living in a shed in the woods with no power or running water, I was listening to a lot of velvet underground at the time and I think I was in a pretty dark place, as you can tell from the lyrics. After I took the song to the band and everyone added their input the song started to transform more and more until you have what you hear today,” says the band/

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