VIDEO PREMIERE: Wood Willow Brings Southern Blues & Gritty Soul On “Southern Intentions”

“This is the only true duet on the album, which made it an exciting one to write,” says the members of Wood Willow about the title track off their just-released album Southern Intentions. This serves as quite the refreshing take, where the band’s primal instincts create an album full of bluegrass on Zeppelin-fueled rock and harmonic treats, passing aside the norms of what an Oklahoma-based band (Flaming Lips aside) should sound like.

Glide is premiering the video for the title track – a concoction of southern blues and glimmering alt-pop that would find a home at California’s shiny Hollywood Bowl as much as it would at Nashville’s hallowed Ryman. To match the mood of the song for the video, the band had a vision of a dramatic scene in the studio where they recorded the song, “115 Recording in Norman, OK.” To get that cinematic effect, they shot the video in a dimly lit studio, all in black and white and the results are stunning.

“The harmonies are soaring and impactful, and we enjoy getting to stretch our vocal range. The vocal parts, along with the intricate guitar and mandolin parts that weave in and out of the song, we thought it’d be the perfect song to serve as the title track of the album,” adds the band. “We wanted it free from frills, so it only features the instruments that the four band members play, making it a near-perfect representation of the sounds we strive for and who Wood Willow is as a band.”

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