On ‘Endless Rooms’ Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Graduate To Grandoise Blast of Layered Effects (ALBUM REVIEW)

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: Photo credit Nick Mckk

The newest release from Australia-based Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever is a grandiose blast of modern electro-pop/indie rock as the group used the pandemic lockdown to expand their sound. Endless Rooms is covered in layers of guitar effects, electro synths, and bumpin’ rhythms. The band was stir-crazy recording this album, chomping at the bit to take it on the road and get down. 

The quirky naturalistic field recording/instrumental “Pearl Like You” literally opens the door to the new album, letting the infectious, grooving dance rock and ringing guitars of “Tidal River” sweep in. The five-piece, Fran Keaney – guitars/vocals, Tom Russo – guitars/vocals, Joe White – guitar/vocals, Joe Russo – bass and Marcel Tussie – drums, sound invigorated and ready to let it all hang out throughout this strong release. 

The upbeat skittering of “The Way It Shatters” piles on synths over-pumping rhythms while a clanging noisy intro announces “Dive Deep” which displays a boom-bap drum foundation, allowing for a soaring guitar solo finale that is simply dynamite. The more restrained “Caught Low” drags, but the closing rain sounds drip into the strongest effort here as “My Echo” is a glorious slice of indie rock with catchy riffs, bass thumping and a breezy melody.   

Songs on Endless Rooms can go overboard with effects, especially with the vocal production, as lyrics can be buried and lost under layers of sounds. That is a small issue though with all of the propulsive indie pop such as “Vanishing Dots” which buzzes vibrantly while the post-punk influenced “Saw You At The Eastern Beach” uses thudding beats and a spoken word vocal style.  

Endless Rooms bristles with a creative spirit, which is clearly displayed in the twinkling folk-rock of “Open Up Your Window” and the building/banging dance-pop of “Blue Eye Lake”. The upbeat finale, “Bounce Off The Bottom”, keeps the tone bright with synths and chimes augmenting the sound of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever who seem to be expanding into a new era as a collective.

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