LISTEN: Emmi Maaria Evokes Kate Bush & Tori Amos On Lush “I move deeper wading into the waters”

Emmi Maaria is a London-based singer, violist, and composer with broad experience in both classical and contemporary music. She was introduced to music at the age of six when she started violin lessons in Finland. Later Emmi Maaria studied music and singing in Freiburg, Germany at the University of Arts and Applied Sciences, later going on to study in London at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

While there Maaria developed her own style of writing and composing music that she hopes will connect with people who enjoy the alternative sounds and classical elements.

“I move deeper wading into the waters” is the debut single from Finnish singer, violist and composer Emmi Maaria. Part of a larger three-part work, it’s an ambitiously genre-bending piece that seamlessly melds pop sensibilities with classical arrangements and instrumentations to create something both engaging and accessible. While the strings and backup vocals build an ever-evolving and building backdrop, Maaria’s expressive voice sings a steady melody containing hooks that would find themselves just as comfortable tucked into the verse of a Bon Iver song as they would a piece written for a contemporary string quartet. 

The song was inspired by the Finnish epic poem collection, Kalevala, more specifically, poem XV (ll.210-608). In the original story hero ’Lemminkäinen’ has died and his mother has dredged the pieces of her son’s lifeless body from the river Tuonela and sewn them together to bring her son back to life. The poem describes beautifully the rawness of Finnish nature and the determination and melancholy of the people.” says Maaria

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