LISTEN: The Brothers Reed Bring Tight Knit Blood Harmonies On “Brighter Side”

With their brotherly banter and impeccable harmonic expression, the Brothers Reed have spent the last 7 years touring nationally. Performing upwards of 300 shows a year, the Brothers have opened for several renowned artists, including Brandi Carlisle, Avett Brothers, Allen Stone, and many more. 

Operating completely in-house, they manage, record, merchandise, and market themselves – a testament to their drive as artists and entrepreneurs. In 2022 the Brothers are continuing their upward trajectory with the release of their fifth studio album, “The Where’s and the Whatnot’s,” in early May. 

Captivating from the start, The Brothers Reed’s latest single “Brighter Side” is an Americana arrangement that hearkens back to classic performers like the  Everly Brothers as well as contemporaries like the Milk Carton Kids. Tight-knit blood harmonies are interwoven with chime-like guitar runs while restrained use of strings fills out the mix in all the right places. The lyrics tackle loss and the anger that comes with it with folksy poetic flair. Their candor makes it easy to resonate with, whether you’ve experienced the same type of loss or not, while telling an engaging story that will stay fresh each time you hear it. 

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