What to Watch: The 13 Best TV Shows in 2022

TV-shows are experiencing a kind of boom like the world of online casino, because all streaming services want to convince with exclusive content, thus more and more series are being released. Among them are also series that are based on a movie. This guide shows which 13 series will be convincing in 2022.


The series Severance is a production for Apple TV+, among others Ben Stiller was involved. It is a thriller with Adam Scott in the leading role. The series is about an office manager who works for a company and wants to improve the work-life balance. After a surgical procedure, the members of his office team are no longer able to link their memories from their private lives and the world of work. Then, when a colleague from the “work world” shows up in his personal life, the series transforms.

Drive to Survive

The Formula 1 documentary Drive to Survive shows the paddock and thus provides a look behind the teams, this is something that has not been seen on this scale since the inception of motorsports. In the USA, the series has many fans, and Drive to Survice is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Among Formula 1 drivers, on the other hand, the series is controversial. Many rivalries are artificially created or exaggerated.


This series is an adaptation from the graphic novel series by Alice Oseman, though she also writes the scripts for the series. The series itself revolves around two high school students who become friends and fall in love. Announced back in January 2021, fans were really looking forward to the series. Today, the Netflix series is one of the most popular series.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a superhero series which was produced by Marvel Studios for Disney+. In it, a man named Oscar Isaac plays different personalities, among other things, he is supposed to receive “Moon” powers from Moon God Khonshu. All this because he is in a war of the gods with two mercenaries.

The Afterparty

The crime comedy The Afterparty is another production for Apple TV+. It is about a class reunion, which, however, escalates into a murder. Each episode will rehash the event accordingly, from the point of view of one character at a time. The reunion itself escalates due to conflicts that have not been resolved up to this point. A very innovative idea, implemented by Chris Miller.

As we see it – unusually normal

This drama series is a production for Amazon Prime Video. The series is about three friends with autism who, however, want normalcy in their lives. For the three friends, that means: Getting a job, keeping it and making friends and falling in love.

John Wayne Gacy Documentary

Criminal cases, which are later rehashed in a series as a documentary, are more popular than ever. Consequently, a documentary series about John Wayne Gacy has now been released. The series takes a look at the deeds of the serial killer, and even includes audio recordings of interviews that were conducted with him at the time. The documentary has already been released on Netflix with a first season.

Neymar: The perfect chaos

The world-famous footballer Neymar has received his own documentary series on Netflix. It will highlight personal highlights and low points from the footballer’s private life. It revolves around his rise to a professional career, but also his numerous escapades, as Neymar is often criticized.


The Prince of Bel-Air has a sequel, but this time not with Will Smith and not as a comedy. Bel-Air is a dramatic sitcom about a young man from Philadelphia who moves into the house of his wealthy aunt.

Inventing Anna

This Netflix series is about the Russian-German con artist Anna Sorokin, who participated in the wealthy society in New York. She pretended that she also belongs to high society and fooled numerous businessmen, banks, friends and hotels. In total, she captured a sum of $275,000 over four years. In 2017, Anna Sorokin was arrested for fraud and sentenced to four years in prison in 2019. In 2021 she was released and is still in custody pending deportation.


Sandman is an adaptation from the fantasy series, which was filmed for Netflix. “Sandman” first appeared in 1988, with a total of 75 issues published. It also revolved around mythological character in the graphic novel, but fictional or historical characters have also appeared in this. Consequently, the Netflix series Sandman is about a ruler of the dream realm. Together with six siblings, he was born together with the universe, unlike gods, he does not need believers to exist.

HaloHalo is a sci-fi series adaptation of the popular Xbox game, it is about conflicts between aliens and humans in the 26th century. The game was released in 2001 and received excellent reviews, and since then has delighted fans not only on the Xbox game, but also on various other media, including books, comics and animated films.

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