LISTEN: Lodet Conjures Late ’80s Glimmer On “Smile”

Joakim Björnberg, aka Lodet, has been making music his whole life. His father played in various bands and as a result he grew up spending a lot of time with musicians. After making a living for a while writing J-pop songs in his studio in central Stockholm,  Bjornberg went on to start Lodet, named after his old daycare, as a solo project rooted in his childhood. 

Lodet really started coming together in 2019 when he recorded the single ‘Calling’. It gained traction and he ended up signing to the US indie label Allen Road Music where he released the debut EP ‘Many Days’. His laid-back style may have to do with the countless hours he has spent bird watching and plotting in his garden while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

“Smile”, the aptly named recent single from Stockholm’s Lodet, is an unabashedly positive and infectious flashback to the easy-going, glimmering pop of late ’80s. “Smile if you got the blues in you and you’re keeping it together” is sung in the last line of the chorus, reminding us we all to all try and find something to keep us going in this increasingly bleak world, even if it’s something as little as having pancakes for lunch. With slightly fuzzy instrumental hooks preventing the song from being overly bright and shiny, “Smile” is here just in time to crank in your car with the windows down as things start to warm up. Lodet’s debut full-length album ‘My Bonnie’ is due out this summer.

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