LISTEN: Sebastian Falk Presents Introspective Sonic Palette On “You and I”

Sebastian Falk writes, records, and produces his own music in his apartment where he lives with his wife and two children, working as a watchmaker by day. With his latest Two song EP “You And I/The End”  just released , Falk plans on releasing his debut album “Parallel Depression” this summer and is going to hit the road playing a number of shows throughout Sweden.

In the sparse new single “You and I” Stockholm’s Sebastian Falk presents a sonic palette fitting for the kind of introspection one feels after losing a loved one and wondering ‘What if?”.  From the straightforward lyrics to the understated melodies, each part is simple and to the point and deftly conveys the sense of poignant wonder to meet the moment. Who knows what’s after all this but it’s nice to have melodies like “You and I” stuck in our heads while we try and figure it all out. 

“I wrote this song for my grandmother’s (Finnish textile artist Airi Snellman Hänninen) funeral. It’s hard to say exactly what the song is about, it’s more like a train of thought. But one thing I feel about my grandmother is that we had so much in common, we were much the same and even if we lived many years in the same time our ages locked us in different times, or maybe it’s just regret that I didn’t keep in touch more when she was alive,” says Falk.

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