LISTEN: Beck Pete Drops Catchy Pop Grooves Via “April Fools in February”

Beck Pete‘s latest single “April Fools in February” is a tongue-in-cheek mid-tempo indie-pop wish that love could cure all that ails you while knowing all along that’s not always the case. Set to a cinematic video of Pete in a hotel room trying to make sense of what went wrong while playing out a disheveled scene anyone who’s been there can relate to, “April Fools in February” captures so much of the disorientation one feels after a failed relationship without making the listener sad. Instead, it’s easy to dance to with a catchy chorus and a low-end forward heavy groove that gives the impression Pete is going to move on. 

This song tells the story of an idealized romantic connection that had Beck thinking that she had found the one. However, this long-distance relationship turned sour immediately as the couple reconnected in-person for the first time in years. Their love is what brought them together but ultimately, it wasn’t enough to keep them from falling apart. And after fully absorbing the idea that love was supposed to somehow be the glue that makes all of the puzzle pieces fit, this obviously felt like a sick joke to Beck, not only because they couldn’t figure out how to make it work, but that somehow it felt like neither of their faults.

What started as a painful experience eventually transformed into an amusing memory – perhaps an April Fools joke that the universe had taken way too far. The new track plays an important role in the story behind her EP; “Scared of Everything” detailing the painful and emotional process of getting to know herself and her constant struggle to feel seen.

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