LISTEN: The Frightnrs Drop Righteous New Single “You, Still”

NYC rocksteady-reggae band The Frightnrs have released a raw soulful new single “You, Still” ahead of forthcoming album ALWAYS out May 27 on Daptone Records. Before The Frightnrs singer Dan Kleinʼs passing, the band agreed to keep a promise he asked of them – continue making music together. Part of that promise has been made manifest on ALWAYS

The road to ALWAYS began with a period of intense songwriting back when The Frightnrs and producer Victor Axelrod (Ticklah) were working on the group’s debut, rocksteady masterpiece, Nothing More to Say. In addition to the scorchers heard therein, Axelrod and The Frightnrs agreed many of the recordings were too sweet to tamper with in order to fit the rocksteady mold. Some were created at their headquarters in Queens with Dan on the mic, some were elaborations on older ideas, others were brand new creations made at the finish line. Check out the dapper “You, Still” – one of the most kickin’ new songs of 2022…

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