LISTEN: Flock of Pigs Offer Musically Tight Sensory Overload Via “Blacklisted”

What started as a duo on small stages in smoky garages quickly evolved into Flock of Pigs, a fiercely independent sound with the energy of Queen, the spirit of Death Grips, and an attitude all their own. The Flock’s self-reflective lyrics dance with the adaptive, hard-hitting rhythms of the drums while touching on social issues, life, and the struggles that they face. Their carefully crafted instrumentation is driven by the guitar with sparkling trombone parts, and grooving bass lines.

‘”Blacklisted” was arranged to be a sensory audio overload”, states Ben Renfrow, composer/arranger and multi-instrumentalist in Oklahoma’s Flock of Pigs. After the first listen it’s easy to say, “Mission accomplished”. While “Blacklisted” is just that, what it isn’t is cacophonous or overwhelming. Throughout the onslaught of tight fills and breaks that relentlessly flow under the rapid-fire vocals, there’s a cohesive throughline that brings all of the madness together and keeps the listener smiling on the edge of their seats right up until the last hit. Keep an eye out for Flock of Pigs on the road this fall. 

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