VIDEO PREMIERE: Zach Willdee Raises Middle Finger On Twangy Outlaw Anthem “Climbing The Ladder”

Photo by Andrew Reese

“This song is about love and loss; not from a lover, but a friend. I had a disagreement with a few friends who made assumptions about me, and were later proved to have been wrong and malicious with their intentions. This is the ‘f*** you, you don’t determine who I am‘ song for the record. The video concept is a ‘riches to rags’ story — subverting the old trope of the opposite progression,” bluntly states Zach Willdee about his new song “Climbing The Ladder”.

While the term “outlaw” certainly has had its share of recent namesakes, Willdee proves to be the real deal with his raw delivery, middle finger anthems, and gritty twang that recalls the finest from yesterday’s honky-tonks. Glide is premiering the video for “Climbing The Ladder,” where Willdee’s dusty croon evokes
a gritty directness and makes perhaps 2022’s most righteous outlaw country anthem.

After nearly a decade of honing his chops on the live circuit, Willdee plans to release his debut LP Heart That Ain’t Tame on May 6. Influenced heavily by the depth and honesty of the greats, Willdee conveys simple truths through dynamics in his music and writing.

“I write and perform my music to help myself mentally,” he says. “As a form of therapy, you could say –– and hope that I can help someone relate and know there’s someone else out there sharing their experience.”

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