What Is The Relationship Between the Peaky Blinders and Sports Betting?

It is almost inevitable not to talk about Peaky Blinders these days, thanks to the Netflix series that has brought them to fame. Without a doubt, this series has become famous for its aesthetics and plot. The Shelbys, a gypsy family, are made up of striking gangsters. All members of the family were part of an economic scheme based on business, sports betting and illegal business. As shown in the series, the main character Tomas Shelby, and others display great managerial, business and negotiation skills that are often criminal. Their story can be an inspiration for today’s Online Sports Betting, not for the violence they displayed, but for their strategic gambling zeal. This zeal is equally necessary today in online sport betting.

Series vs reality

In the series we can see that in Birmingham, the Shelby family exudes elegance and style, but really, before World War I, this family was considered unglamorous and the origin of many crimes of the age. They were brass industry workers who sought to increase their income through illegal gambling. They came from a poorly-educated lower class, hence they were known for their violent behaviour. It is true that the name of the gang, Peaky Blinders, came from the way they wore their berets, half-sided and covering their eyes. Many say that they had blades hidden in their visors but it is not true. Historically, during this time, razor blades were a luxury item for high elites. Their criminal activities resulted in their town being given a second name – Peaky Blinders. This series shows the present reality of illegal gambling. They managed a lot of money and wealth in the city, controlled contracts and had spies as well as enemies everywhere.

About The Peaky Blinders Series

Who is Tomas Shelby?

This character is the second eldest brother in the family, a character tormented by his past in World War I. He became the leader of the Peasants. He was the leader of the Peaky Blinders because of his charisma and intelligence. He is an analytical person who ponders every decision even when many don’t understand. He is someone who shows a dual personality marked by two extremes. On one hand he is a violent and reckless person who is not afraid of death. On the other, a man worried about his family, and ready to do anything to save them from poverty and problems with other gangs, and even politics. 

However, he tries to be a symbolic character that helps the series develop and make the plot complex and sophisticated.

The end of Peaky Blinders

It is said that the hardening of justice against violent people, exhaustive police surveillance in the areas controlled by the gang, and the collaboration of the neighbors who feared the expansion of the power of this family, made the gang slowly fade away. Many of their businesses collapsed, and illegal sports betting came to a standstill. Some Shelbys began to work in jobs that did not require schooling, and others joined the army.


Never in the gambling environment should violence be understood as part of the game. The story of the Peaky Blinders shows how sports betting has been around for many years and how groups of people have used it in an environment plagued by the violence of war, lack of resources, and the desire for social status. Today, online sports betting offers a much safer and more relaxed environment so that fun is the only thing that is kept alive in the game.

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