SONG PREMIERE: Brian Lisik Brings Old-School Rock Charmer On “Sleeping With a Moron” (Live)

The term “Play it again,” couldn’t be more poignant than for Brian Lisik, who released a live solo version of his song “Sleeping With A Moron” that was originally on a 2006 album but has since become one of his most requested songs. Glide is premiering this lyrically candid live version of “Sleeping With a Moron” from a 2020 house party (below).

Lisik brings a Paul Westerberg knack for ticked-off power-pop anthems atop ravenous energy reminiscent of college rock’s late 80s/early 90s glory days. Writing of losing a girl to the douchey side of humanity (think Joe Jackson’s “Is She Really Going Out With Him”) Lisik has constructed a sing-along that seems to have that populist appeal of striking a chord with even the laziest of ears.

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