Daft Punk Share Mysterious Photo On Social Media

In late February of last year, music fans around the world woke up to the news that the legendary electronic duo Daft Punk was calling it quits. In the wee hours of the morning, they posted a video to their Youtube titled “Epilogue”, announcing their retirement from music. Social media feeds were flooded with grief, but that grief was quickly relieved. Since their retirement (announced February 2021), the Daft Punk social media team has been hard at work, releasing behind-the-scenes footage of the duo’s famous music video for their hit “Around The World”. They also streamed a live performance from 1997 via Daft Punk’s twitch channel. 

Today (May 18), fans woke up to another surprise. The electronic pioneers shared this photo


Immediately, fans were thrown into a frenzy. The comment section was ablaze with theories and questions. Most are still hoping for a reunion but let’s use context clues shall we? 

The most popular theory is that this photo is the cover art for their song “Burnin’” which appears on their 1997 album Homework. This year also marks the 25th anniversary of said album. 

All things considered, It would make sense that the music video for “Burnin’” is gearing up for the BTS treatment that “Around The World” received. 

This would fall in line with the year-long festivities that have surrounded the anniversary of their debut project. This includes the rerelease deluxe edition of the album along with the multiple behind-the-scenes videos uploaded to their Youtube. 

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