LISTEN: Sunday Mourners Stew Up Protopunk Noisy Mix of Freak Folk & Country On “Dance the Inside Out”

A rock and roll band from Southern California, Sunday Mourners started humbly as The Good Job Botanical Band in the university dorm rooms of lead guitarist Max Pugh and lead localist Quinn Robinson. It was not until after they were joined by drummer Z Evan Long and bassist Casey Hoerman that the band bloomed into the Sunday Mourners. A protopunk-inspired noisy onslaught of raw rock and roll energy mixed with the intricacies of 60’s/70s freak-folk and country music. Characterized by their energetic live performances, DIY production, and eclectic music taste, Sunday Mourners excite listeners with glimpses into a past that never was.

“Hold onto your shits America, Sunday is every day.”, is one of the (bolder) statements from Sunday Mourners when asked about their latest single “Dance the Inside Out”. Who knows what that means, but after one listen – recommended at maximum volume – it kind of forces its way into making sense. In a musical landscape overcrowded with shallow throwbacks to genres people never liked that much while they were happening the first time, “Dance the Inside Out ” is an honest and original tribute to the sound that’s been drivin’ the kids wild across every decade since John Lee Hooker. 

“We wanted to write an instructional dancing song inspired by Bo Diddley and the grotesque and abrasive stylings of Iggy and The Stooges. What we ended up with is three and a half minutes of adolescent terror, contemplation, and stoicism captured in our living room one fateful evening in January,” says the band.

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  1. Damn, that’s somehow so retro and so fresh. Love the beat and the thrashing guitar finish.

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