LISTEN: Leon In The Wild Drop Grandaddy Tinged Exploratory Space Pop on “Powerlines”

Happy to have Leon in the Wild back on the screens of Glide with his latest indie-pop single “Powerlines”. At a glance, the track comes off as an airy, Northern California sing-a-long with a slightly psychedelic ambiance and incredibly catchy chorus. But underneath all that, “Powerlines” delves into the helplessness that results from dealing with depression, both by the people experiencing it and the people trying to help. 

“As a kid growing up in Northern California in the 90s, there were so many amazing bands exploding on the scene from my home state. Power pop bands like Ozma and indie rock heroes like Grandaddy made me fall in love with music. But, punk music is what really pushed me to start playing guitar and form my first band. I still remember the visceral feelings discovering and listening to Northern California bands like Tsunami Bomb and Pipedown. My first band was too young and terrible to make any big waves… but we were somehow able to find a way to play on the Warped Tour. Those early introductions into discovering and creating music are what shaped me as an adult today. I’ve never been able to shake the love of making music since those early days,” says Leon in the Wild as a serviceable introduction.

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