FULL EP PREMIERE: Will Orchard Offers Hush Folk Luminosity On ‘Go Home Instead’ EP

Photo by Marissa Alfiero

Boston-based indie-folk musician Will Orchard — perhaps best known for his years releasing content under the name LittleBoyBigHeadOnBike and as contributing bassist on prolific indie-rock outfit The Brazen Youth’s roster — is sharing a brand new solo EP entitled Go Home Instead on May 20th via Better Company. The five-track project is littered with Orchard’s signature heartfelt sensibilities, backdropped with fuzzed-out melodies and lo-fi flair. Glide is premiering Go Home Instead in its entirety (below) before its release date, where the artist conjures the sounds of Bonnie Prince Billy, Califone, and Bill Callahan with its subtle mix of hush and intricacy.

After crafting 100s of self-released EPs as LitttleBoyBigHeadOnBike, Orchard began attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and befriended members of Connecticut’s indie-rock wonder, The Brazen Youth. This friendship led him in and out of school on multiple occasions in order to live on Ashlawn Farm in Lyme, CT, and tour through small clubs, coffee shops and basements around the eastern US both as a solo artist and as a touring bassist for the Brazen Youth. Gradually, he began crafting music under his own name, and Go Home Instead is his latest. The EP displays a vulnerable, dynamic and lush collection of songs decorated with sweeping strings and peppered with lo-fi charm. It will be followed by dates throughout Texas, New England and the West Coast with Jess Kerber

Speaking on his new project, Orchard wrote:

“Go Home Instead is sort of a collection of odes to self-trust. The songs celebrate forgetting about the chaos all around you for a moment to just be with yourself. Every sonic choice on the EP was an attempt to create a delicate, nuanced space that reflected the tenderness, anxiety, and acceptance from which the songs emerged.”

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