SONG PREMIERE: Korby Lenker Makes Joyful Noise with Celebratory Tune “Spring Fling”

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Korby Lenker is a roots-music Renaissance man. A prolific songwriter for more than two decades, he’s spent his entire adulthood in a creative whirl, juggling multiple roles — solo artist, road warrior, published author, actor, screenwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and storyteller — along the way.

Lenker’s last album, Man in the Maroon was released in May 2021 to critical acclaim. A lifetime creative, Lenker has released eight studio albums, toured nationally and internationally up to 200 dates a year, published a 2015 collection of short stories called Medium Hero, created and stars in a developing television series, Morse Code. He has won or been a finalist in several song contests, including Merlefest, New Song Contest, Kerrville, Rocky Mountain Folk Fest and the International Songwriting Competition.

Today Glide is excited to premiere Lenker’s latest single, “Spring Fling”, which officially releases on May 27th via Grind Ethos Records and is co-produced by Lenker and Nick Beardon. Co-written with Travis Nicholson, this feel-good song of the green season was inspired by a neighborhood gathering Lenker hosted this April. Inspired by an event that Lenker and his wife hosted in their front yard during 2020 to share a sense of simple neighborliness and make a demonstration of respect for human beings, the song is the kind of light-hearted romp that lives up to its name. The event has since grown to a talent show and every talent show needs a theme song, thus bringing “Spring Fling” to fruition. Brimming with fiddle and a shuffling beat, the song brings together a loose, country sound with a garage rock edge and feels like celebratory with its big group chants.

“Spring Fling” was recorded live at The Retro Lab in East Nashville, engineered by Nick Beardon and featuring Korby Lenker on electric guitar and vocals, Travis Nicholson on acoustic guitar, Nick Beardon on bass, Joe Overton on fiddle, and Jerry Pentecost on drums.

Lenker describes the inspiration behind the song:

“Spring Fling is about coming out of hiding. It’s about getting together with some friends and strangers and making a joyful noise, just because. To me it sounds like a field recording in some East Nashville garage. An impromptu band, low on rehearsal and high on vibe. You can feel the 4 beer buzz in the singing, the dog asleep on the floor. I’ve been making music for three decades and every time I write a new song it feels like the first time swear to God.”


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