LISTEN: Josa Bark Keeps It Whimsical & Rhythmic On Vibrant ‘Bedsheet Exit”

Spin jump and flip kick into the 16-bit Gameboy pop single “Bedsheet Exit” from Denmark’s Josa Bark. “It has been extremely liberating for me to accept that I will probably never be one of the cool kids…”, Bark explains but everyone knows that coming to that realization automatically makes you cooler than the cool kids. When it comes to “Bedsheet Exit”, the proof is in the pudding. So go ahead and take a bike ride with David Byrne through all the levels of Sonic the Hedgehog and lose your ego with Josa Bark for a few minutes. 

The song deals with the thought of planning your own escape, and actually going through with it, a  feeling probably most people can relate to at certain points in their life. The pressure of being successful and worrying about what everybody thinks can mount up and become too heavy, planting a seed for the dream of just running away from it all. Running to another town, in another country and a new life. To Josa Barck the song grew out of frustration with the music business that he had become a part of and all the arrogance and conceit that, for a time, killed the joy of being a musician but not his motivation to keep going.

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