LISTEN: Isabeau Waia’u Walker Brings Dynamic Edge & Flow On Resounding “Rolled Over”

“Rolled Over”, the latest single from Isabeau Waia’u Walker is a vibrant study of seemingly antagonistic themes coming together in a seamless composition reminiscent of St. Vincent. While there aren’t any dramatic crescendos or anthemic choruses, the song’s dynamics stem from the ebb and flow between this sense of heaviness to the lightness that permeates throughout the song. It’s the product of Walker, who spent half her life in Hawaii and half in Oregon, working through her own daily feelings of contradiction and tension and pouring it into what she’s done best for years now, which is to make complex yet accessible music that reflects all the messiness life brings. 

“I used to believe I had to resolve all (if not more) of my familial and cultural identity before I could sing about it. When the tension I felt and still feel ended up in my songs, it seemed to confuse listeners and I have always feared miscommunication. Rolled Over is about the push and pull I have lived with and now understand and most of the time lovingly accept,” says Walker

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