Four Must-See TV Scenes Set In Casinos

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 There are few things as tense as gambling as you wait to see whether or not you are a winner or have lost this time around. Naturally, this means that casinos and gambling are perfect for TV, and there have been dozens of classic scenes from a wide range of shows that are set in casinos. You feel as if you are betting vicariously through the characters in these scenes, and often the stakes are as high as they could possibly be in these TV shows. So, what are a few of the most memorable TV scenes set in a casino?

1. Friends

One of the first shows that springs to mind when talking about casinos in TV shows is Friends. At the height of the show’s popularity, the gang took a trip to Las Vegas, where plenty of drama and entertainment ensued across two episodes at the end of season 5. This involves Joey working at a casino as a costumed character, a rift between Monica and Chandler on their first anniversary, and, of course, a hilarious drunken wedding between Ross and Rachel.

2. Boardwalk Empire

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is one of the most stylish TV series of recent times, with a lot of gambling action as the series focuses on the origins of Atlantic City. In one unforgettable scene, real-life unhinged crime boss Arnold Rothstein (played brilliantly by Michael Stuhlbarg) is cleaning up at a small casino owned by Nicky Thompson (Steve Buscemi). Nucky puts a stop to this resulting in a wild and dramatic brawl. Fortunately, these days gambling can be less dramatic when you gamble online and find the best casinos at websites like

3. The Office

The Casino Night episode of The Office is considered one of the classics, and this is for a few reasons. First, it is the episode where Jim tells Pam that he loves her, and they kiss despite her being engaged to Roy. There are also many hilarious moments throughout the episode, including Michael trying to juggle two dates, the employees choosing what charity to donate the prize money towards, and Phylis playing poker against Kevin.

4. The Simpsons

The Simpsons have a number of classic casino scenes over the course of its history, but the episode Viva Ned Flanders is considered one of the best episodes of the series. In the episode, Ned asks Homer to show him how to live life to the fullest, so they set off for Las Vegas. After a night of gambling and drinking (white wine spritzers for Ned), the two wake up married to two cocktails waitresses. In addition to the hilarious storyline and contrast of Ned and Homer, there are also many references to Las Vegas casino culture, including Nero’s Palace, Frederick Tatum (based on Mike Tyson), and the use of the song “Viva Las Vegas by” by Elvis Presley.

There have been many great casinos and gambling episodes and scenes throughout TV history, but it is hard to beat these four that all stand out from the crowd.

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