LISTEN: Lucy Roleff and Lehmann B. Smith Keep It Cozy & Dreamy On “In The Doorway”

Melbourne-based folk musicians and multi-instrumentalists Lucy Roleff and Lehmann B. Smith present “In The Doorway,” the debut single from their collaborative full-length effort Dark Green, set for release with NYC-based imprint Youngbloods on May 18th. Originally written as a demo by Roleff in the liminal hours of house-sitting for a friend, “In The Doorway” assumed full-form years later at the hand of Smith’s added instrumentation and direction during a creative retreat along Australia’s iconic Great Ocean Road. 

“In the Doorway”, is a stunning example of what can happen when a friend comes along at the right moment with the perfect finishing touches to turn something good into something beautiful. It also gives listeners a lot to look forward to from the upcoming collaborative release from Lucy Roleff and Lehmann B. Smith. The track is an ethereal and concise folk ballad that perfectly captures apprehensive nostalgia conjured up when wondering what could have been of past romances. “In the Doorway” is off the full-length album Dark Green out June 16. 

“The song is essentially about those moments when one is reflecting upon a time of romantic intensity when you’re looking over what happened and what came to be. There’s a sense that things were left up in the air somewhat, so that one goes on to sort of replay conversations and moments, looking over the time that’s passed and wondering what the other would make of the current day, the season, the light,” says Roleff.

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