SONG PREMIERE: Bob Marston & the Credible Sources Offer Swampy Tender Soul On ‘Lyin Eyes”

Bob Marston’s musical career has led many roads, yet as a life-long troubadour, releasing a full-band album serves as a long-awaited fully realized artistic statement After spending years as a part-time troubadour giving performances from farmer’s markets, church picnics, and pubs, to 500 seat venues and international music festivals, Bob Marston, and his band the Credible Sources, decided to record their first full-band album, So Long, set for release on June 3, 2022.

Given the opportunity to reflect while in isolation, along with years of personal growth through therapy, meditation, and other self-care endeavors, Marston experienced an unprecedented  period of inspiration, creativity, and productivity, and realized the time had come to get behind his original music, record and release an album, and hit the road. The cautious reopening of outdoor musical events in the early summer of 2020 gave the Birmingham, Alabama-based Marston the opportunity to put together a full band for the first time in several years. Rehearsals and performances gave old songs new life and revealed signs of good things.

The album’s tracks explore love and devotion through the lens of attempts to salvage a challenging relationship, the processing of a painful breakup, and a patient plea for reconciliation, to pondering life’s big questions and commentary on issues of social injustice and society. Ultimately, So Long is about striving to find humanity in ourselves, our friends and lovers, our communities, and in society as a whole.       

Glide is premiering the swampy folk of “Lyin Eyes” a righteous and seriously in-the-pocket stunner that showcases Marston’s stunning arrangement that sounds part soulful Muscle Shoals and part edgy Merge Records. Check out the song below and read the background story of the tortured tenderness Marston brings to the compostion.

“When I was working a migrant farm job in Illinois. The job was corn detasseling which warrants a longer explanation but let’s just say it was a bunch of young to middle-aged people walking through cornfields for about 12 hours a day, partying as hard as they could until about midnight, and then doing it all over again. The crew was comprised of about 40 people of which 35 were male and five were female. Of those females, three were in committed relationships and one was not interested in men, which left one young lady free to flirt with at least two dozen young men. I was one of those young men and thought, based on some brief, flirtatious encounters, that I had a pretty good chance of being selected as her ‘corn boyfriend.’ When, to my great disappointment, she selected another, I was hurt, not deeply or in any lasting sort of way, but enough that the daily reminder stung a bit,” says Marston about the song.



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