VIDEO PREMIERE: Blond in Car Drops Effervescent Indie Pop On “When You Get Vertigo”

Few musicians dip up an array of zooming art pop like that of Los Angeles’s Blond in Car. The LA native blends tasteful indie colors with simple pop pleasures that stream the effervescent worlds of Luna, Belle & Sebastian, and The Bird & The Bee.

A native of Los Angeles, Robin Schorr had a serious career in film/tv until she unexpectedly and totally fell in love with songwriting and started over from scratch. In film, Schorr held senior executive jobs at top production companies, including heading development for legendary producer Kathy Kennedy (CEO of LucasFilm) as well as at Disney and Lionsgate Studios, where she worked on films including The Sixth Sense and many more. Schorr was head of creative production for River Road Entertainment, where they produced Sean Penn’s critically acclaimed Into the Wild as well as Food Inc, the groundbreaking doc on agribusiness for which Schorr won 2 Emmy Awards.

Glide is premiering the video for Blond in Car’s rapturous new single “When You Get Vertigo,” a crisp presentation of ear candy that sets a nostalgic mood while creating a sophisticated danceable backbeat. Check out the video below and read on for Blond in Car’s story behind the song

When I was in elementary school, we moved to a much fancier neighborhood and practically the first week we were there, the girl across the street got a boat for her 16th birthday.  It was brand new with a huge red bow on top, just sitting there in the driveway.  My sister and I were gobsmacked, like what planet are we on.  It made a big impression because as we later learned, this was a very unhappy family and the boat was supposed to fix everything.  Classic L.A, the place where everyone is clutching at the stuff that is supposed to make us happy. That story was on my mind when I wrote the line about a “driveway boat with a big bow” which is a fun line to sing.

I’ve always been fascinated by ambition, in myself and in others. Having spent most of my life here, I get it – I am as guilty as anyone. Everyone here seems to be in the middle of careening around, questing after something that might not even be real or attainable. Some title, prestige, status, luxury. That kind of drive certainly isn’t a recipe for contentment.  The song is about wanting to remember that in the midst of all the spiral, we need to hold on to each other as the only way to stop the spinning.  

I was in the mood to write something rhythmic for the EP, so I made a fun percussion loop which got the song started.  I don’t usually write starting with a groove, but the beat definitely got me thinking about the LA pace of life, that pulse.  My producer, Gabe Lehner, is great with rhythm and he jumped in to add cool dynamics between different sections of the song.

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