LISTEN: Modern Diet Showcases Sunny Indie Rock Precision On “Tabletops”

Brooklyn’s Modern Diet has stirred from their pandemic-induced hibernation to bring us their latest contemplative yet sunny indie-pop single “Tabletops”. Bandleader Jake Cheriff, best known for his production/mixing work with bands such as Daisy the Great, Moon Kissed, My Son The Doctor, Talk Bazaar, Carli & The Dark, and countless other artists active in the Brooklyn music scene, lets his familiarity in studio setting shine through sonically exciting production and precision arrangement. The two standouts here however are the dynamic and fluctuating melody capped off by a guitar solo at the end that is so fully formed it could be its own song entirely. Modern Diet’s forthcoming full-length record The State of Things (out July 2022) was recorded over the course of two weeks at Paper Moon Records HQ in Bushwick.

“Tabletops is about a lot of things but the heart of the song is my friend Peter who also designed the song’s incredible collage artwork. Peter makes these beautifully intricate and understated collages using found materials to unpack his adventures in New York City and beyond. Tabletops is a platonic love song for Peter and the way that he is able to take inspiration from ordinary situations and create something extraordinarily beautiful,” says Cheriff.

“The guitar solo at the end of the song is performed by my dear friend and long-time collaborator Bernardo Ochoa (Panther Hollow, Daisy the Great). Bernardo has a distinct fluency on guitar that is remarkable to behold on stage and in the studio. We have been making music together since we were roommates in college almost 10 years ago (holy moly) and I don’t think my understanding of music has been more influenced by any other person or artist than Bernardo,” adds Cheriff.

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