LISTEN: Crash Cadet Mold Prog & Modern Alt Together On “Everything Sounds Like Everything”

Crash Cadet is the music of Josh Rathbun, who writes and produces songs out of his DIY basement studio, playing a variety of acoustic and electric instruments. Crash Cadet plays live in the Boston area, with Eric Lemaire on drums and Tuan Treu on guitar. When not in the studio, Crash Cadet can be found at the local popular culture dispensary, huffing its sacred wares, and worshiping at its gaudy gates.

Crash Cadet’s latest  “Everything Sounds Like Everything” is a wild and chaotic “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of single that attempts to take on a Herculean task in modern music: not sound like everything else. For the most part, the song succeeds; drawing from a range of influences (early 70’s live Allman Brothers,  Animal Collective, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard) combined with a performance that shows off the band’s technical prowess while still having grit and soul.

There is so much “content” out there it can be overwhelming. I am inundated with shows, movies, songs, and media every minute. As someone trying to get creative content into peoples’ ears, it gets frustrating trying to be heard. This song is about the futile but hopeful attempts to repeatedly break through the noise and to embody some of the chaos of our existence. As with most Crash Cadet songs, this track started as a guitar jam in the basement studio, using a variety of distortion and octave pedals, along with some electric sitar. Analog synths were added, followed by the growly bass and wild drums,” says Rathbun.

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