LISTEN: Tim Heidecker Shares Rockin’ New Single “Sirens of Titan Feat. Kurt Vile

Tim Heidecker has shared a new single, “Sirens of Titan (feat. Kurt Vile),” from his forthcoming album High School, out June 24th on Spacebomb Records. Presented alongside a video directed and animated by Ben Levin, “Sirens of Titan” follows the nostalgia-laced focus of previous singles “Punch in the Gut” and “Buddy,” and brings rock titan Kurt Vile into the mix. Heidecker sorts through teenaged ephemera – water beds, Kurt Vonnegut books, Gulf War newscasts, bad report cards, Velvet Underground records – to reckon with how little he knew then and his own growth since.

I’m so happy to have Ben Levin’s incredible talents here to put a visual spin on this song, a song which catches me in a reflective mode, thinking about some of those awkward days in my high school days, feeling weird and learning about all the cool shit,” Heidecker says. “I wrote it thinking about how Kurt Vile writes songs and I was embarrassed to send it to him, but did anyway and he liked it enough to come over and sing and play on it!

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