The Dresden Dolls Set To Reunite For Touring & New Music

14 years ago, underground legends The Dresden Dolls had gone on a long hiatus following three albums. Their cult following was devastated but not underfed considering lead singer Amanda Palmer has been releasing solo work since 2008. Today, Palmer took to Facebook to announce that she is rejoining forces with her long-lost bandmate Brian Viglione for another Dresden Dolls record.

The Dresden Dolls debuted with a collection of live performances on A Is for Accident in 2003. A year later, we got an official debut, the self-titled LP released through 8ft. Record. Their unique approach to mixing alternative pop and rock mixes well with their wildly weird visual and make-up dawned faces. They released another two albums before Palmer went solo to release a well-regarded discography. Now four year years since their last shows when they played three shows in London (their first shows in Europe in 12 years), the duo sounds like they might be back for good as Palmer announced today via social media below and full tweet at the bottom

“oh. my. god. four years separated, due to all the painful circumstances probably nobody would care to discuss. we are all so mangled and survived.

and now, reunited in love and friendship and the eternal bonds of the punk cabaret.” Says Palmer in a recent post. The band is getting back together, dudes. we are gonna make electrically flaming new dolls music, record it, and tour…everywhere.” 

The post does not go into great detail about the separation but focuses more on what is to come from the band. Palmer confirmed that there will be new music and a tour. No dates have been confirmed but Palmer went on to say “we have endured shit you would not believe, and therefore our band will be 10000x more powerful.

It’s gonna take time. i’m moderately traumatized – i don’t say that in jest – by things that have happened over the past few years. I need a lot of time to recover. then I can work from peak condition.”

In due time, The Dresden Dolls will return to their throne as underground rock royalty. 

For the latest updates on new Dresden Dolls music and touring, the band has started up a newsletter that fans can subscribe to now. Sign up through their website here: 

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