Pixies Return With New Album ‘Doggerel’ Out 9/30

Photo by Travis Shinn

Massachusetts’ own Pixes have returned to the northeast, but this time in a secluded studio in Vermont to record their latest album Doggerel due out September 30. The band teamed up with producer Tom Dalgety at Guilford Record to record new music that the band describes as “simplistic”. This was announced via an album trailer that was uploaded to Youtube earlier today. This will mark their first full album since 2019’s Beneath The Eyire and the fourth since 2014’s Indie Cindy broke a 23 year gap between albums.

Pixies have been at the forefront of the alternative scene since their debut in 1987. They released two albums prior to their landmark project Doolittle in 1989. Their influences run deep in the veins of today’s music as they are regarded as one of the most influential bands of their time. More recently, the band released a live box set from their set of reunion shows in Brixton U.K. The shows were performed back in 2011 but were packaged up neatly and released for those who missed out on these shows in February of this year. 

The album trailer shows the full band finishing up the new record and includes interviews with everyone involved in the making of Doggerel. During these interviews, the band discusses intimate details about the recording process. Some of the topics that the band indulges in include how many demos were brought in initially and the fact that the songs were tracked in spurts of three. Bandleader Black Francis also states that most of his writing was done only one month prior to recording. 

Before the album releases in late September, the band announced they will be dedicating an episode of their podcast, “It’s A Pixies Podcast”, exclusively to the new album. Check out the album trailer below. 

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