LISTEN: Sonic Løland Molds Deceptively Complex Living Room Folk Via “Young Love”

“Young Love” is the deceptively complex latest living room folk single from Sonic Løland, the project of Norwegian musician Anders Løland. The palpable wistfulness in the storytelling is propped up by imaginative instrumentation and effective arranging reminiscent of mid-2000’s Sufjan Stevens albums. “Young Love” is off the upcoming full-length album, And Then the Sun Came Up, created with co-producer Hans Olav Settem and is due out in fall 2022.

“Young Love’ was at first written and recorded as a demo alone in the living room with an acoustic guitar on the lap, the mellotron on the dinner table, and with cutlery, plates, and cups as percussion. These ingredients are kept in the final version along with a delicate and dramatic string arrangement, choir, and colorful production details.

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