LISTEN: A.C. Sapphire Offers Haunting Vocals & Surreal Soundscapes On “Bonsai”

Photo by Carly Valentine

A.C. Sapphire’s Desert Car was originally slated for independent release in 2020, but only two singles came out before the pandemic left the album derailed. AC’s persistence and a lifelong drive to perform kept her afloat during the uncertainty of the pandemic. “With nothing happening, I was unsure if I’d even make music again,” she says “but there was also the realization that this is what I’m most talented at.” When asked about her goals now, she answers, “To create a community of artists, supporting each other in very intentional ways that also uplift people who are marginalized”.

Sapphire’s latest single “Bonsai”, is a serpentine weave through dreamy desert landscapes that is as haunting as it is inviting.  Mesmerizing rhythmic picking and Sapphire’s commanding voice drive the song through canyons filled with atmospheric drones and growling electric guitars hiding around every corner.

“I wrote Bonsai in about forty minutes. After having a dream about getting married to myself,” admits Sapphire.

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