SONG PREMIERE: Silver People Drop Hypnotic Global Instrumental Grooves On “Dosed”

With the recent announcement yesterday of the Desert Daze festival lineup, there were many in the psych-rock realm that would argue that they deserve a spot at the party. Yet there are only so many sports, but one that should certainly be considered for 2023 is Silver People.

The musical alter ego of Jake Reeves, Silver People is preparing to release his debut LP, Gnome Country, a ten-track predominantly-instrumental collection of fantasy & sci-fi-inspired psych-rock tracks that draw influences from Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, and J.R.R. Tolkien in equal measure. Part singer-songwriter exploration, part production wizardry, and every bit an homage to a somewhat-forgotten era of music, the album is striking in such a way that you’ll wonder how all those disparate sounds came out of what was largely a one-man operation by the Atlanta-based musician.

Glide is premiering the new instrumental single “Dosed” which features a caravan of global musical influences and takes a cue from Chicano Batman and Khruangbin’s enigmatic grooves. There is also a mysterious psych-rock/sci-fi element that keeps the music grounded in overseas funk and ’70s prog and soul elements.

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