LISTEN: Maja Lena Crafts Rhythmic Space Age Folk Via “No More Flowers”

Now that billionaires are launching themselves into space -all a cover for testing their galactic escape pods no doubt- is it time that artists start making the same moves and make interplanetary folk music? Who are we to say but Maja Lena, the moniker and Swedish nickname of singer-songwriter Marianne Parish, decides to do just that on the latest release “No More Flowers”. Off her upcoming album, Pluto, Parish continues her collaboration with producer and former bandmate Rob Pemberton (Low Chimes) to make what they refer to as “space-age electronic music that’s gazing to the future but still anchored in her craft as a folk musician.” 

 “I’ve often relied quite heavily on being inspired by nature and new places, this time – though still very much inspired by nature – I delved into my imagination to create new places as we were in lockdown at the time. I felt that this group of songs fitted together as a whole more naturally, and I wanted to try and write a collection of songs that were mostly more uplifting and upbeat,” says Parish.

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