LISTEN: Sergio Napoletano Creates Laid Back Wilco Groove On “Memory Aisle”

Photo by Peter Boghard

Singer/songwriter Sergio Napoletano has found his stride… and his bandmates. With an enormous support group of musicians/friends including AJ Pantaleo, drummer of The Jazztronauts, the band succeeds in not just playing songs but creating the atmosphere in which they dwell. Adding to the sonic landscape on past recordings is Will Schalda on piano/keys (Billy Swivs) and Paul Schalda on guitar and backup vocals, bringing instant chemistry from previous projects together (Paul & The Tall Trees).

“Memory Aisle”, the title track off of Napoletano’s latest EP, is a tight yet gritty performance that displays an artist with a fully formed vision after years spent contributing to and learning from, Staten Island’s growing and diverse music scene. It’s a laid-back, down-home Wilco groove with underlying elegance and a sense of deliberation that shows Napoletano and company have clearly been around the block a few times. The title fits the piece like a glove, with the easy-going beat and lackadaisical vocal delivery creating a nostalgic atmosphere perfect for contemplating memories and when, if ever, to revel in them. 

“The song ‘Memory Aisle’ comes from the idea that we can revisit the memories from our past as if we’re strolling through the aisles of a supermarket (or maybe an IKEA for some.) However, memories aren’t always pleasant, and sometimes those same fears of loss, grief or anxiety come right back to remind you why you left them behind in the first place. Or maybe we dwell on the past too much…who knows,” says Napoletano.

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