LISTEN: Tyler Bernhardt Employs Inventive Musicianship On “I Like To Be Alone”

Tyler Bernhardt is a multi-instrumentalist whose songwriting encompasses an array of influences, culminating in a highly individual style. His aesthetic and conception combine disparate elements, from captivating raw energy to elevated moods, all timeless qualities innate to his brand of music.

“I Like to Be Alone”, the self-reflective new track from Tyler Bernhardt uses inventive instrumentation and a playful yet gripping melody to create a concise bedroom pop head bobber that reminds us all to revel in the small things while we can. The chorus lyrics, “I like to be alone / walking without my telephone. / Feeling the sound / of nobody else around me. / Breathing fresh air/thinking of whatever comes / as long as I want to.”, look simple enough on paper but come alive in a hyper relatable way when sung over a menagerie of simple but intriguing drum machine, slide guitar, synth and jaw harp snippets that convey a sense of innocence without being naive.”

The song was inspired by a feeling I got when I was walking outside in the yard of my childhood house. No one else was at home, and nostalgia hit hard. I looked over to my old sandbox, overgrown with weeds, much like my old fort out in the woods. I felt the time that passed and I felt a lot of love for that time. Walking alone amongst “old friends” brought me to that place.

As the song progressed, so did the idea. I really am a people person, but when it’s time to be alone in my thoughts, I like to take full advantage of it. 

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