SONG PREMIERE: Lara Taubman Lets Americana-folk Harmonies Shine on “The Water”

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New York-based country-soul singer/songwriter Lara Taubman delivers sobering subjects like mortality, mental health, spirituality, survival and finding hope in an exceedingly turbulent & traumatized world on her sophomore album, Ol’ Kentucky Light, out September 16th on Atomic Sound Record Company. Taubman clearly didn’t just stumble upon her muse. She channels her earliest influences—the classic country of Patsy Cline, the great gospel of Mavis Staples, The Staple Singers and Mahalia Jackson and the contemporary folk largess as filtered through Joni Mitchell. She reveals herself in her music. There’s vulnerability and vitality in equal proportions, resulting in clarity and conviction.

Ol’ Kentucky Light was produced by her seminal collaborators Steven Williams (drums) and Paul Frazier (bass), arranged by Etienne Lytle (cowriter, keyboards), Walter Parks (guitars, lap steel, shared vocals on “The Water”) and Steve Williams, with vocal production by Yvette Rovira, Paul Frazier and Steve Williams. The album was recorded at Atomic Sound in Brooklyn, engineered by Merle Chornuk, edited by Paul Frazier, and mixed and mastered by Eber Pinheiro.

Today Glide is excited to premiere “The Water,” one of the standout tracks on the new record. With its lilting blend of folk and Americana, the song finds Taubman harmonizing beautifully with Walter Parks as she injects each verse with a dose of heartfelt soul. There is a swaying sense of ease in the music and vocals that seems to fit the lyrics and ultimately soothe.

“I wrote ‘The Water’ to help me get closure in a relationship where the other person would not agree to end it and never would. I knew that to stay in the relationship would have been more devastating to the both of us than to part ways. Writing and recording this song helped give me the grace I was seeking but sometimes it still haunts me when I hear it.” – Lara Taubman


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