Kid Cudi 2022 To The Moon Tour: Ten Songs We Most Hope Cudder Plays Live

The undefinable Kid Cudi is heading back out on the road. The moon man is set to headline the To the Moon arena tour with support from Don Toliver, Denzel Curry, 070 Shake, and Strick. The “To The Moon” tour is set to kick off in Vancouver on August 16 and come to a close in November in Italy. Right in the middle of the tour, Kid Cudi’s homecoming show in Cleveland will double as the inaugural “Moon Man’s Landing” Festival, a festival entirely curated by Cudi himself. The lineup was announced just days prior to Cudi’s first headlining arena tour. 

This tour is just one of the many moving parts revolving around Kid Cudi’s universe this year. He recently released his latest single “Do What I Want”, the braggadocious song that sees Cleveland’s golden boy delivering poetic and self-assured lyrics in a flow reminiscent of the artist’s earlier work. This tour also comes on the heels of the release of the first look at Kid Cudi’s Netflix show “Entergalactic”. The show is based on an unreleased album of the same name and was written by Cudi and Kenya Barris. The show is set to hit Netflix on September 30.   

With a new album supposedly coming before or around the release of the Netflix show, Cudi’s setlist for this tour is bound to change. Glide has gone through Cudi’s expansive and vulnerable discography and picked the top 10 songs we would love to hear the man on the moon perform live. 

10. “Leader of the Delinquents”

This loose single from 2020 kicked off a new era for Cudi. The single was released just before the third and final installment of his critically acclaimed “Man On the Moon” series. Although the single didn’t make the album, “Leader of the Delinquents” has become a marching anthem for a legion of misfits and puts Cudi on the rightful throne as their leader.  

9. “Another Day” 

A highlight from Man On the Moon III: The Chosen, “Another Day” displays Cudi’s distinctive approach to his melodies. Cudi switches between melodic crooning and rapid-fire rapping where every syllable hits like a snare. The low tempo of the instrumental gets overridden by Cudi’s dexterity on the mic. 

8. “The Void” 

When Cudi released Man On the Moon III, he said he was done making sad music. “The Void” is the perfect mixture of Cudi’s past and future, the cheery melody and instrumental create a juxtaposition to the melancholy lyrics. The sing-a-long style of the song seems like it is meant to be sung to a crowd of thousands as they sing back.

7. “King Wizard”

This track is from Cudi’s third album Indicud, a project filled with raw energy and seething anger. Those elements are at the forefront of this single, the menacing synths cascade over a rhythmic clapping that lays the canvas for Cudi’s unapologetic lyricism. As off-kilter as the instrumental is, the pure and youthful energy Cudi brings is explosive enough to fill any size arena. 

6. “Soundtrack 2 My Life”

Kid Cudi has always let his guard down on his tracks, it’s part of the reason he has cultivated a cult following. This track has always been a fan favorite and day one fans would be elated to hear this live. More than that, this is a highlight in Cudi’s songwriting resume. This introduced the world to Cudi’s odyssey from working in retail to working with Kanye West. 

5. “Internal Bleeding” 

Coming off of Cudi’s fourth album, “Internal Bleeding” is one of his best vocal performances. This track is a poetic plead for relief from the hauntings of tortured artists. You can hear the strife in his falsetto and that unadulterated passion will bring any group of people to their knees. Hearing his unfiltered thoughts delivered live would create a dream-like atmosphere in any size arena. 

4. “Does It” 

This is a deep cut in Cudi’s varied discography, but there is an undeniable vigor in this song that could inspire a nation. “Does It” features Cudi relaying his list of accolades that he’s gained from exploring the many mediums of art he’s been a part of. “Doing music, TV, and movies/ Sittin on a floor we ain’t heard of”, is just a glimpse into Cudi’s acclaimed career. It’s rare when Cudi gets cocky but at this point, it is well deserved and will excite crowds across the country. 

3. “Show Out” 

Kid Cudi, Skepta, Pop Smoke – Show Out (Official Visualizer)

The first song on the list with features, fans have loved this song from the jump. With verses from New York legend Pop Smoke and the U.K’s very own Skepta, the trio’s chemistry is undeniable and will transcend past the absence of the features live. The trap-influenced instrumental will have everyone on their feet and the easy-to-remember hook will create a harmonious reaction from the crowd. 

2. “Cudi Zone”

This underrated cut from Cudi’s 2009 debut is celebrated amongst fans of Cudi, new and old. “Cudi Zone” features a hook built for a call and response reaction. The crashing drums and bubbly synths make this song closer to a dance track. All the elements of this song combine to create momentous energy that would thrive in a live performance. 

1. “Surfin’” 

This is one of the most joyous songs Cudi has ever released. On “Surfin ‘’”, Cudi revals in his individuality over blaring horns laid down by the legendary Pharrell Williams. You can hear the childlike creativity Cudi approaches with his music in full swing on this track. His signature hums harmonize with the vocal sample that hides just enough behind the rest of the instrumental. This song could be played at any event and the room would erupt, it is meant to be played live. 

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