Melanie Baker Displays Fearless Vulnerability on Orchestrated “Waiting List”

Indie-folk artist Melanie Baker, hailing from the Lake District, England isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. Her direct and honest lyricism capture themes such as mental health, queer identity, self-reflection, and the anxieties of modern life. At just 23 years old, Melanie’s fearless vulnerability allows her music to cut to the chase of raw and relatable human experiences.”

Here to provide us all with a much-needed, constant reminder to “be here now”, is Melanie Baker with her latest single “Waiting List”. Baker’s vocals blend seamlessly with the band as the song slowly progresses from an ethereal whisper to a quasi-symphonic crescendo revealing the depth and risk-taking in the writing and arranging. With lockdowns over and new sound incorporating more of a rock orientation, “Waiting List”, makes for an exciting glimpse of what’s to come. 

“Waiting List” is a song I wrote about overworking yourself and hitting burnout, ergo forgetting the things and people that should really be your priorities but instead you keep getting caught up in the super speed of modern life and forgetting to take care of yourself. It’s a reminder to myself and anyone else who relates that we shouldn’t forget the most fleeting and momentary moments in our lives. We can’t put the people and things we love on a waiting list to be forgotten about,” says Baker.

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