SONG PREMIERE: Will Stewart Offers Tongue in Cheek Lament with Playful Folk Tune “Nothing’s Right”

Photo credit: Jonathan Purvis

From Montgomery’s river region, up through west Alabama and over to Birmingham, a brief stint in Tennessee and tumbling back over Red Mountain to settle back in east Birmingham. You could describe Will Stewart’s sound as “Central Alabama Music.” A little south of Nashville, some might say.

Stewart’s new full length Slow Life, due out August 5th via Cornelius Chapel Records, is a collection of songs that capture his unique blend of varied styles and interpretations. In our current rapid fire consumer culture of “brands” and “influencers,” Slow Life invites people to take a seat and relax for a while.

While past releases County Seat (2018) and Way Gone (2020) drew from a more internal and reflective mood, Slow Life approaches the music in a more immediate and whimsical spirit.

Armed with his core band, Ross Parker (bass), Tyler McGuire (drums), Janet Simpson (vocals) and help from Daniel Raine (keys), Stewart churns through 10 songs of guitar-driven folk rock. Recorded in the heart of east Birmingham and engineered by Brad Timko, it’s a sound that is uniquely central Alabama.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the standout tune “Nothing’s Right,” (ORDER) a stumbling tongue in cheek lament on how everything falls apart when “baby” is feeling blue. The song finds Stewart taking the folk road as he lets the simple strumming and harmonies complement the kind of clever lyricism that would make John Prine smile. There is a sense of melancholy that permeates throughout the track that contrasts with Stewart’s slyly playful songsmithing.

Will Stewart describes the inspiration behind the tune:

“The song is a tip of the hat to the classic theme of everything falling to pieces when one person is down in a relationship. A sort of chain reaction of terrible events. This is kinda my tongue-in-cheek version of that narrative. I slip in some fairly autobiographical moments here and there, mostly for personal amusement, but my hope is that people will hear some of these lyrics and instantly relate. That’s my goal with most of my songwriting – I want my music to hit folks in a personal way that can connect us. Shared grief, shared joy, shared wonder, shared laughter.”


Will Stewart’s new LP Slow Life will be released on vinyl, CD and digital/streaming formats August 5th via Cornelius Chapel Records. PRE-ORDER

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