LISTEN: Poster Child Evokes Warm Lounge Grooves On “Space Camp”

Summer festival season is upon us and with it the occasional journey to the cosmos that puts your priorities back in order just in time for getting back to the office Monday morning.  Happy to provide the oh-so-important soundtrack for such a journey is Poster Child with their heavy 1970’s funk-inspired single “Space Camp”. The playing is tight, the groove is loose, and the tone is warm and cozy thanks to the use of a plethora of vintage gear and a spot-on mix. 

“We love working with older processes. Film, tape, tube amps… they each have an intentional nature to them. We approach the sound design of our music with that in mind, taking advantage of the unique signal flow of my studio [Silver Tongue Studio] to put some heat on a lot of the main sources, the kind you can only get from circa 1950s-70s gear.  When we track it’s immediately nostalgic,” says Royal.

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